Loin Raviolis of Blue Cheese and Pear

Loin Raviolis of Blue Cheese and Pear

Want to impress your dinner guests without spending hours over a hot stove? Surprise them with these raviolis. We are sure you’ll leave a fantastic impression on friends and family members with every bite.

Ingredients for 8 raviolis:

16 Thin sliced of Iberico Loin

1.5 oz Crush Blue Cheese

1/2 Peeled Pear


  1. Cube the pear and mix with crushed blue cheese.
  2. Add a teaspoon of  the mix onto 8 slices of Iberico Loin.
  3. Place another 8 slices of Iberico Loin on top of the filling.
  4. Tighten both Iberico Loin with a fork or a ravioli stamp.

For this recipe you could use any kind of cured loin.

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