Zucchini ribbons with Cockles

Cockles are that delicate shellfish that we use on special occasions as a tapa or complement, thanks to this recipe you can enjoy them in a very special way.



  1. Wash and dry the zucchinies well. With a quality vegetable peeler or a mandolin, remove thin longitudinal strips.

  2. Turn the zucchini, removing about three or four strips from each side at a time, until you reach the central trunk. If the seeds are small and the meat is firm, you can hurry more. Any way, save what you have left over for another recipe.

  3. Put the courgette ribbons in a container for steaming. Cook in a pot over boiling water, leaving them al dente. The ideal is that we do not reach 5 minutes of cooking. Remove and cool quickly.

  4. Open the tinned cockles and drain, we can take advantage of the water from the preserve if we like it for the dressing. wash the tomatoes and cut into quarters or small slices. Mix everything together with the zucchini in a large bowl and set aside.
  5. Beat the olive oil with the juice of half a lemon the canning water the black pepper and salt. Dress the mixture, add oregano, the grated rind of the other half of the lemon and… enjoy!