Warm White Asparagus Soup

Days are running fast and fall is already here. Temperatures turn cold so fast and today’s recipe will help you to get warmer.

We will be cooking a soup (crema) very easy. Only 8 minutes to get this ready.


1 Cockles can

3 cans of Asparagus

7oz Mayonnaise

1 pinch of pepper

2 tbsp shred chalote

2 tbsp Señorio del Segura extra virgin olive oil


1. Open the can of cockles and keep them apart. Reserve the liquid.

2. In a bowl add the content of the asparagus cans, including the water, the mayonnaise, the olive oil, pepper, and the liquid from the cockles can. Mix everything with a mixer so the result has to be a very thin cream, so no chunks.

3. Warm the soup during 3 minutes, no boiling needed so 160F (60C) will be enough.

4. Serve in individuals cups and decorate with the shred chalote and cockles and a thin thread of Olive Oil.



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