La Feria & Jamones sin Fronteras

La feria | Jamones sin Fronteras | lsFlamenco

La Feria came to Boston on June 12th . We had a 100% real experience from Spain with food, culture, art and fun!

La Feria is one of the most traditional celebrations in Seville that draws over one million people a year. It has become an internationally known celebration of flamenco and fun where many make-shift “tents”, known in Spanish as “casetas”, divide the land into different dance halls.

We created our own ¨Caseta¨ to bring you a little piece of La Feria to Cambridge.

  • Flamenco and Sevillanas dance
  • Tasting of Spanish Tapas and the authentic Spanish Ibérico provided by Jamones Sin Fronteras
  • Toast with ¨Rebujito¨, the most common beverage drunk in La Feria (Spanish sherry wine)
  • Raffle to win great prizes valued at $160!
    • Ibérico Sampler by Jamones Sin Fronteras  including: Packets Slicing of Ibérico Bellota Ham and Loin, Ibérico Ham, Chorizo and Salchichón, and chorizo Sausage 7oz.
    • 4 Flamenco Classes Card with Laura Sanchez (lsFlamenco) in Cambridge, MA.



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