Spaghetti Shrimps and Gulas


400gr/14oz Spaghetti (any kind)

200gr/7oz Peeled Shrimps

4 Surimi Baby Eel cans

4 Garlic cloves

1 Cayena

2 tbsp of olive oil Señorio de Segura

1 pinch of black pepper

2 pinches of parsley


1. In a pot, boil the pasta following the instructions provided in the package.
2. Slice the garlic cloves and the cayena. Brown them in a pan with a tbsp of EVOO Señorio de Segura.
3. As soon as the garlic gets the brown color add the shrimps and the gulas. Sauté in the pan for 5 minutes in medium-low fire.
4. Add the drain pasta and mix properly.
5. Add black pepper and parsley.
6. It’s all set. Serve and enjoy!!



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