Iberico Ham Spanish Quality Regulation

The Iberico Pork Association in Spain (ASICI) presented the seals system of the new Iberico Ham quality rule for Spanish market. This new system allow to consumers choose exactly what kind of Iberico they want. The identification system warrant the quality of the item from race, feeding and animal management point of view.

The system was created by MAPAMA (Ministerio de Agricultura y Pesca, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente)  and the iberico ham market for ensuring the trazability control and transparency of their productions, with only one goal in mind, offer to consumers the highest quality with the maximum warranty.

What the colors mean?

As the current regulations in force, Ibérico hams marketed in Spain have to be accompanied by one of these four quality seals based on their color category:

Black Seal: Acorn Fed 100% Ibérico Ham. A seal certifying that the mother and father of the pig in question are 100% Ibérico registered in the Stud Book; and that the animal, in its fattening stage, fed on acorns and other natural resources of the pasture.

Red Seal: Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham, comes from animals of 75% of Ibérico race or animals of 50% Iberico race and that in its fattening stage were fed with acorns and other natural resources of the pasture.

Green Seal: Field Cebo Ham, can come from 100% Iberian or 75% or 50% Iberian breed fed in its fattening stage with cereal and legumes feed and with field herbs.

White Seal: Ibérico Cebo Ham, can come from 100% Ibérico or 75% or 50% Ibérico breed, fed on farms based on cereals and legumes.


In summary, talking about how we make sure we have a iberico ham, it has to have one of the four different color seals and the ASICI stamp on it.

Also, in USA, the USDA through FDA make sure the pig traceability isn’t broken from Spain to your house.

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