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Iberico Ham. The Excellence

Iberico ham, also known as Jamon Iberico, is a type of cured ham that is [...]

Let’s Talk About Cheese From Spain

Cheese From Spain   Spanish cheese is a delicious and varied part of the country’s [...]

Chorizo and Spinach Frittata

  Ingredients 1 small onion 1 clove of garlic 1 splash Picualia Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive [...]

Acord Fed 100% Iberico Loin and Burrata Salad

Acord Fed 100% Iberico Loin and Burrata Salad fresh and healthy recipe. Its preparation is [...]


The stirred potatoes (Patatas revolconas) are a very typical dish from Avila and Salamanca, although [...]

White Asparagus with Vinaigrette

Delicious White Asparagus recipe, this dish is such a delicate and elegant dish. It would [...]

Zucchini ribbons with Cockles

Cockles are that delicate shellfish that we use on special occasions as a tapa or [...]

Eggplant with Serrano Ham

These delectable little rolls of eggplant, serrano ham and cheese, make the perfect light lunch [...]