Sliced Acorn Fed Loin 2oz by Fermin

Sliced Acorn Fed Loin 2oz by Fermin

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Sliced just for your ease!

Sliced Iberico Acorn Fed Dry Cured Pork Loin. Rich smoky flavor and very little fat. Is a Spanish cured loin with a characteristic red color where white fat veins are observed. This Sliced Acorn Loin is made with pig loin muscle free of external fat and tendons. Iberico Pork Loin de Bellota Fermín is marinated and undergoes a process of maturation and drying that ensures a smooth and crisp texture with flavors reminiscent of acorn, paprika and mountain oregano. A combination that brings to mind the evergreen of the dehesa meadowlands in the spring and autumn, with touches of wild mushroom notes that make all the components of its flavor profoundly rich.

The ideal way to serve this fine cured meat is place the slices on a platter and serve with some slices of Manchego Cheese and a fine Spanish wine.

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1 review for Sliced Acorn Fed Loin 2oz by Fermin

  1. Les (verified owner)

    Products have so much flavor and taste fresh. We certainly enjoy and recommend these products. A taste of Spain without leaving home!

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