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Only real spanish food

We visit Spain very often looking for the right products to be brought into US. Ask us about your products.

Catering Events

Level up your parties and events. Give them a real Spanish touch. Tapas, Charcuterie trays, Paella, Croquettes and much more.

Getting Married?

Surprise your guests with a Acorn Fed Ham carving service and enjoy the flavor of a ham sliced in the right way.

Latest Reviews

Nice packing and labeling. Flavor is intense and not too much spicy. I’d say this is the perfect pairing for a cabernet sauvignon or a merlot.

Fernando / Garcia B.

Really good Fermin Iberico Chorizo. Not very spicy


Iberico cheese is very good, I served it at a dinner party. My guests absolutely enjoyed it.

Thomas / C.

This is my 3rd 100% Iberico shoulder purchased from JSF and the good quality has been consistent. The included Fedex delivery is also a plus. I honestly recommend it 100% to Iberico lovers or the Spaniard’s diaspora living in the US and craving “jamon”.

John / Barberia

Having grown up in Spain and loving the Spanish cuisine I have to say that the Jamon is absolutely delicious, excellent quality. Also I recommend the should (paleta) vs hams, is juicier than hams.

John / Miller

Delicious paleta, shipping and delivery were fast, very satisfied with my purchase.

Ruben / Recio

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