Superior Saffron – Azafran Superior


Superior Saffron – Azafran Superior

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  • Saffron threads from Spain
  • Hand toasted, hand harvested
  • The original paella seasoning
  • Size 1grm / 0.035oz

Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus, a flower bearing three stigmas which are hand harvested and dried.
These Saffron Chiquilin superior saffron threads or filaments are all natural and of a very high quality. Saffron has been called the Red Gold since ancient times and is with its distinct aroma and flavor a crucial element of countless yummy dishes.
Our Chiquilin Saffron threads are decoratively packaged in a neat glass jar with a cork top, sealed to preserve the aroma as long as possible and will make a wonderful gift.
It is perfect for every Spanish food lover and cook planning to impress with an authentic Spanish Paella but also many other pasta, meat and fish dishes, even some sweets and desserts will call for the truly unique flavor of saffron.

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