Morcilla de Cebolla- Onion Black Sausage

Morcilla de Cebolla- Onion Black Sausage


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Traditional Morcilla (Black Pudding & Onion Sausage). Our morcilla is the undiscovered gem among the products we manufacture using our Asturian family recipe. Blending spices, selecting the natural Spanish onions and chopping these by hand, we put a lot of care and time into making our morcilla. Try it fried in a bit of olive oil or on the grill and serve with a fried egg. It will give your stews a ton of flavor (fabada, anyone?).

Tasting notes: Morcilla is soft in texture with a lot of complex flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg blending together as you taste it. It has a slight sweet finish.
Specifications: 4 links in each each vacuum sealed package.
Approximate Weight: 0.45 lb
Natural casings. All pork product.



Packed cold for freshness with ice packs and a cooler or insulated foil bag. Expedited shipping should be selected by Customer for more than 2 business days of shipping time.

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Weight 0.6 lbs
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