Acorn Iberico Shoulder Boneless

Acorn Iberico Shoulder Boneless


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An easy way to enjoy a good acorn ham 100% with all its features and boneless!

Considered one of the best hams in the world. Acorn Iberico Shoulder is in its intense and delicious aromas, its delicate consistency and in its smooth palete that the essence of the virtues of a naturally bred, acorn-fed Ibércio product is appreciated. Its meat represents a range of colors, from intense red right through to pale pink with a profusion of marbled fat. The first impact on the pale is surprisingly smooth, with sweet nuances, gaining in intensity as the marbled fat deliciously melts.

The bone has been removed in this product, giving you the maximum of product and ease of carving.

Eat it in good company.

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Weight 5 lbs
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